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I built this course because it’s what I never had when I started in business. I fumbled and failed for 10 years in business trying to figure business out before I sold my first multi-million dollar company at 30. My life is a living version of the quote by Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter) “Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” 

My story wasn’t an easy one, and often there were moments where it was rather unbelievable. But through it all there are common threads, lessons, and wins that taught me the principles in this course.

When I was really young, my dad had money. He had built a large company, one of the first businesses to move software development to India in the 90s. But my story isn’t one of money at all. In fact, even when my dad had money we never lived like it, mostly it was in net worth more than cash in the bank. 

My parents got divorced soon after my dad had reached some level of success and we’d never see any of the wealth he had built. Neither would he actually, they spent years in litigation over the business assets which eventually dried up in the crash of 2008. 

My mom, myself, and 4 of my 8 siblings – now 9 siblings – moved to a small duplex. The other 4 siblings, the older ones, had already moved out leaving us younger 5 to live with my mom and occasionally see my dad on the weekends. 

After the divorce, I switched from homeschooling to public school. My other siblings chose to stay homeschooled mostly. But I craved some sense of social life outside of the small army that was my family. 

I thrived in high school. No, it wasn’t my “glory days,” I was still a bit awkward from the previous 5 years of homeschooling. But I loved people so much; it was my goal to be in every single circle I could and get to know as many different types of people as I could. I almost reached this goal by graduation, but I guess in a class of 120 that’s not that big of an accomplishment.

I buried myself in my social life to get away from home as much as possible. My mom wasn’t doing well financially after the divorce and we rarely saw my dad. I was the oldest sibling at home and working at a little burger joint to try and help out a little. Those Christmases were gifts from the local church and thanksgiving’s were volunteering at the homeless shelter because we got a free meal too. 

At the start of my senior year of high school, my mom moved 30 minutes away with my younger siblings, and instead of leaving the school right before I graduated, I moved in with a family friend for a few months. But their daughter was coming back to live with them from college so I had to move out, the only issue was there was nowhere to go. My mom’s apartment was a 2 bedroom and my 3 younger siblings lived there so there was no space. But I had my trusty 1998 Toyota Camry to live in, and thus started my true adventure. 

That year was pretty tough. My mom was doing terribly financially and I was working at Best Buy and fixing computers on the side. One day I remember my mom calling me and telling me my siblings hadn’t eaten that day and asked if I could go buy them taco bell. That was the moment that changed my life. After crying a bit, I went to pick them up and get them taco bell with the last $15 in my bank account. I vowed that day I would never let my family starve. I promised myself I would be a millionaire before 30. 

After graduation, I was a bit of a nomad; sleeping on couches, and living out of my car still, trying to soak up my early 20s. I loved it. I felt free. But I craved something deeply, I craved a family. After the divorce, when I was 13, my family was never really close again. Everyone scattered around the country and started building their own lives through the years. 

I eventually moved in with a close family friend after sleeping on their couch for a week straight, they became closer to me than my own family was. In fact, after getting involved at my church, I became close with multiple families and felt more connected to family than I ever felt. I was shaped and nurtured by people that had absolutely no obligation to help or care for me. That felt like real family to me. 

At the church I was a volunteer leader, speaking and working with the youth. One of my mentors at the time taught at this Bible College in Dallas called Christ For The Nations (CFNI.) After visiting once I was sold, everyone there had such a passion for doing something big, for changing the world. I resonated so strongly with the sheer belief that you could change the world. 

6 months later, I was living at the CFNI dorms and trying to start a business to pay for the tuition. Eventually, I would drop out and pursue business full-time instead of ministry. But the lessons I learned about people and chasing purpose would come to shape my future. In fact, you’ll see those lessons scattered throughout this course. 

After moving out of the dorms, I lived with a friend while I was working on my first actual company, a web design, and marketing company. I was a solopreneur working out of coffee shops, renting suits for meetings, and hustling like I had a purpose to fulfill. 

That company would grow into a software development and growth agency that I own to this day, Apollo Eleven. I would use this company to build my first SAAS business for nonprofits, and end up selling that in a multi-million dollar exit. 

The journey to go from coffee shop entrepreneur to multi-millionaire was one of the hardest journey’s I’ve ever been on. This might sound strange coming from someone that “made it” but I want to show you through this course that true success is not about how much money you make but rather the impact you leave in the people around you. 

I dig deeper into this story throughout this course, using lessons and mistakes I’ve made through the years in life and business to create practical applications that help you grow personally and grow your business. 

In this course we’ll cover how to: 

  • Create a million-dollar mindset.
  • Focus on doing what you love.
  • Use your passion to grow your company.
  • Isolate an audience that you understand deeply. 
  • Launch and refine your product or service. 
  • Sell without using sleazy sales tactics. 
  • Grow and scale your business through serving. 
  • Build processes and systems that will carry you through to an exit. 
  • Build for and measure success in how much you can give. 

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