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Build something you’re good at, for a reason you’re passionate about, for people that you understand.

Launch by giving it away, perfect with feedback, and sell by sympathizing, solving, and saving.

Scale by replacing yourself over and over again, simplifying everything you do, and giving away as much as you can. 


What we’ll go over: 

  1. Create the right mindset. 
  2. Do something you’re good at. 
  3. Do it for a reason that matters to you. 
  4. Build it for people that you understand deeply. 
  5. Launch it by giving it away first. 
  6. Sell by sympathizing, solving, and saving.
  7. Grow by replacing you. 
  8. Scale by simplifying. 
  9. Measure success in giving. 
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Course Includes

  • 9 Modules